Your outfit really matters to us. Enrich your wardrobe with fashionable gems from USPolls Assn, North Sails, Napapijri, Björn Borg or Gaastra in network of our stores all over Slovakia.

The BJÖRN BORG brand was founded in 1984 by legendary Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg. Its signature combines functionality with a strong fashionable touch. It is suitable for people of active lifestyle who still want to look attractive. "If you're afraid of losing, you don’t deserve to win“. Bjorn Borg

GAASTRA's roots date back to 1897 when Mr. Douwe Gaastra established the Dutch tradition of crafting perfect yachts. The brand is distinct due to its combination of functionality, innovation and seafaring. A wide range of sea-inspired sport, functional and leisure-time clothing will appeal to you.

The Napapijri is an Italian brand founded back to 1987. It is designed for lovers of adventure, those who stand out in a crowd and long for uniqueness. The Finnish origin of the brand name means the Arctic Circle. The main feature of the brand is its high quality that will withstand the most unpleasant weather, weariness and great sense for detail.

The North Sails was founded in 1957 by American sailor Lowell North. Its collections bear the sign of nature preservation in a close connection to the oceans. The recycled materials with almost zero emmisions are typical for their garment manufacture. The brand is suitable for people who love to take their lives beyond the limits, love natural elements in connection with the modern way of life.

The US Polo Assn. was created in 1890 with a mission to introduce Polo – a royal game – to the general public. And the Polo thema is sofistically incorporated into their collections ever since. The U. S. Polo Assn provides to its customers more than just clothes - their portoflia includes also footwear and fashion accessories. Its characteristic feature is elegance combined with a sporty style, high quality materials and perfect detail processing.